Sunday, September 25, 2011

BFA Shoot: Day 2

Today I finished up my photoshoot for BFA. It was pretty stressful & the stress has not competely gone away, but I'm very pleased with the images I got. Thank you so much to the people who participated in the photos!
Here's more "behind the scenes" photos from today's shoot :)

Kirsten being used for a test shot.

This is my dear friend, Lizbeth!!!


Aaaaaand, a collage of portraits taken by her.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

BFA Photoshoot: Day 1, Behind the Scenes

The stresses of organizing & executing a photoshoot (especially ones that determine if you graduate after 5 years of being in college) are pretty crazy. Amongst all of the great photos I got today, these are a couple "behind the scenes" or funny photos I shot.
Hopefully seeing these photos will lighten any stress you have, like it did for me :)

Sammi & Kirsten acting goofy! :D

A wonderful photo of my friend Matt.

Friend photos!!!! :)

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