Thursday, August 30, 2012

Click your heels three times!

So recently I've been looking into how to do product photography... About a month or 6 weeks ago I was commissioned by a local buisness to take some general store and main product photographs for their website and brochures they've been working to update. Throughout the whole project, the experience I had couldn't have been more perfect. It inspired me to learn more about prodcut photography so that when I was commissioned for another project by them or another company, I could continue to give them my absolute best.

The buisness was the Oz Winery out of Wamego, KS. The atmosphere was laid back and fun, with bright colors and lots of natural light.... If you're ever passing through the Wamego area or if youre from a surrounding town and need a great "stay-cation", I would definitely recommend visiting Oz Winery. It's fun to talk with all who work there and (if you're 21 or over) taste a few of their delicious wines! And if you're wanting to add more to your Wizard of Oz experience, Wamego has a museum down the street from the winery and a number of other Wizard of Oz related places to visit, like Toto's Tacoz. Wamego also hosts an Oz themed festival in the first weekend in October, cleverly named Oztoberfest.

All in all, the Oz Winery is a wonderful place that you definitely need to visit.

Here are a few of the photographs I shot for them :)

Here's some photos of a few of the wines you can taste if they're in season when you visit!
(Left column: white wine, middle column: Dessert wine, and right column: red wine)